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We Need Your Help More Than Ever!

Even though AB 1102 has been “tabled” still in the suspense file by Senator Kevin De Leon, Chair of the State Senate Appropriations Committee, (only a minor setback), our efforts with AB 1102 resulted in major concessions already! We need to keep on working!

For example – The City of Newport Beach recently conceded to resubmit an application for a permit with the California Coastal Commission if they wish to alter the fire rings in any way! Additionally, State Assembly members and State Senators have expressed their concerns and anger about ANY continuing attempts by Newport Beach to discriminate and remove the fire rings (even Barry Wallerstein, staff member at the AQMD, pointed out on many occasions that the fire rings have successfully stayed in place so far- and that our efforts to keep them has resulted in “not one being removed” yet). Clearly, Newport Beach, and any possible city councils, that try to discriminate and keep “outsiders” away in the future – have been put on notice.

Through volunteer efforts and financial assistance, our network of supporters have helped with thousands of emails to state legislators, spread the word through social media, placed radio advertisements on popular southern California radio stations, and more!…

That’s why more than ever – we need to increase our efforts – and we need YOUR help – regardless of where you live! Volunteers and financial support are key to protecting the fire rings, and exposing the newest alarming ploy to keep “outsiders” away with the new “charcoal-only” rule in Newport Beach.

Our efforts in Newport Beach TODAY, will help protect beaches in other cities TOMORROW!

We have several projects (including some new ones!) we need your help with.

Will you join and help the effort to remove the fire rings by a handful of well-connected, wealthy Newport Beach residents who do not want “outsiders” in their neighborhoods? You can start by telling your friends about our website on Twitter, or linking with us on Facebook.

NOTE: Even though the overwhelming majority of Newport Beach residents want to keep the fire rings, Newport Beach City Council members such as Keith Curry, Nancy Gardner, and Mayor Rush Hill continue to IGNORE the vast majority of city residents, and listen only to these handful of their friends.

Thank you for your continued support. Please consider making a donation to help with our fight to save the fire rings.

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